List of restaurantes around Suzaku Crossing
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No.6  どんぶり おの亭  DONBURI ONO-TEI
Check the names of the ordinaries which are named from the sence of local area. "Stamina-don" ( fried beef, onion and yolk on rice ) is the leading product!
GenreJapanese(udon, bowl)
Walking distance5min
Open11:00-14:00 17:00-22:30
Breakfast- Lunch Dinner

No.7  相生食堂  AIOI SHOKUDO
Wide variety of menu such as Udon, Bowls, salisbury steak etc.
GenreJapanese(udon, bowl, tempura)
Walking distance2min
Open11:00-15:00 17:00-21:00
Breakfast- Lunch Dinner

No.8  和食 大膳  DAIZEN
Great Japanese atmosphere inside and out of the restaurant. Recommended!
GenreJapanese(udon, bowl, tempura)
Walking distance3min
Open11:00-14:00 17:00-20:30
Breakfast- Lunch Dinner

No.9  そば処 つち福  TSUCHIFUKU
History from Meiji Era and the owner is third generation! They cook with sensitive flavor as no additional chemical seasoning and loved by neighbors.
GenreJapanese(udon, bowl, tempura)
Walking distance5min
Open11:30-14:30 17:00-22:00
Breakfast- Lunch Dinner

No.10  すき家  SUKIYA
One of the major Gyu-don(Beef bowl) chain stores opens for 24 hours. Wide variety of menu along with Gyu-don.
GenreJapanese(udon, bowl, curry)
Walking distance4min
HolidaysNo scheduled holidays
Breakfast Lunch Dinner